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The Chicks
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Say hello and wave's been a helluva decade!

So...the past 10 years. I feel that so much has happened but you really have to sit back and think about it. Things don't seem to change so drastically from day to day, but until you really, really take a long, hard look, things do change dramatically in what seems to be a blink of an eye. Here's my attempt to recap the past list form -- from the important to the tragic to the ecstatic to the not-so-interesting to the very exciting to the "I can't believe I did that." In no particular order.

1. Graduated college
2. Not yet became the host of the Today Show...(I thought for SURE this was a shoe-in as soon as I landed my degree)
3.Got married
4. Got divorced
5. Lived alone for the very first time
6. Realized I was in love with my high school sweetheart
7. High school sweetheart got married
8. Got laid off (i.e. fired) from a job
9. Was told I resembled Heather Locklear, Tori Spelling and Mariah Carey
10. Completed dream internship in NYC at Us Weekly Magazine
11. Went to Vegas for the first time (and consequently met some great peeps who work for E! My fave!)
12. Became secure enough to go to the bar alone
12.5 Went to too many bars
13. Became an aunt of three:)
14. Fell in massive love
15. Got my heart massively broken and had a massive breakdown. But worth the lessons learned. :)
16. Turned 30
17. Daddy got cancer
18. One of my bff's got cancer
19. Three (yes! three!) of my bff's had kiddos
20. Was a bridesmaid four times in five months
21. Entered a limbo contest
22. Puked in my purse. Twice.
23. Saw Norah Jones live
24. Realized I have really, really great friends and fam
25. Started fashion freelance writing
26. Fell in love with makeup
27. Started the "say something nice about the person to the right of you" game (which, by the way, everyone bitches about playing but no one  -- NO ONE -- leaves this game feeling anything but happy.)
28. Became grandparent-less
29. Went to Cali for the first time
30. Got three tattoos
31. Learning a lot about myself (I use present tense because it is an ongoing event)
32. Started a BLOG with one of my besties!

Things I'd like to work on in 2010:
1. Move to the city (not Detroit...How bouts Chicago or NYC)
2. Take control of my career
3. Take control of my finances
4. Be a better daughter, sister, aunt, friend, roommate, worker, person, mom (to my titty tats), gf (if it should present itself), Christian (first and foremost)
5. Not beat myself up so much, lose the guilty conscience, appreciate myself a bit more and think about what it is I truly want

Happiest of happy new year to you all...sending many hugs and smiles your way. May this be the year that we all find what we're looking for.
Shoo Shoo